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Aigio, Today


Aigio nowadays is the second biggest in population city of the prefecture of Achaia. It is built by the sea. Areas of special tourist interest are the old section of the city (where one can still see elements of the typical architecture of the early 1900s) and the beach from the Railway Station (which in itself provides an example of Railway Architecture of the 1900s) to the church of Panayia Trypiti (Holy Mother of the Cave in a free translation, due to where the icon of the Holy Mother was discovered), the old storages of raisins (all now been internally transformed to luxurious cafés) and the old paper factory (providing a typical example of industrial architecture from the onset of the last century, now gradually being transformed into an academic institution). The findings from antiquity are not much and are rather scarce around the city. Towards the water storage of the city excavations revealed two rectangular buildings of 500 B.C and 400 B.C. respectively. The same excavation confirmed also the existence of a cemetery of the Classical era northwest of the same spot, while in the square of Psila Alonia (the central square of the city) tombs from the Mycenaean era were discovered. Towards the sea two more cemeteries (an Hellenistic and a Roman one) were also brought to light.