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Not to miss


1. The old Open Market, designed by the 1900s architect Ziller now serves as the City's Archaeological Museum and its collection is rather interesting.

2. The plane-tree by the beach that Paysanias describes in one of his wonderings around ancient Greece.

3. The ruins of ancient Eliki located about 9kms southeast. The excavations are well under work still. This is the city where Elikonios Posidonas (Elikean Poseidon) was worshipped and his temple has been noted as one of the finest of antiquity. Unfortunately much of the city was destroyed on the 373 B.C tsunami, following a severe earthquake and is now under sea.

4. The Psila Alonia square and the city's jewel which is its small Park in the heart of the square.

5. The village of Rododafni 3kms west in a rural green setting and especially the beach of Acoli with tourism activities and well hidden virgin sites.

6. The Cathedral of Panayia Faneromeni (the revealed Holy mother) and the Church of Isodia (devoted to the public official first appearance of the Holy Mother as a young girl, as cited in the bible) both also designed by the architect Ziller in the early 1900s.